Professional Development for Psychotherapists

Mary Ann Macri, H.S.C.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann, a trained psychotherapist, Facilitator, certified Human Service Counsellor and Life Skills Coach has devoted the last two decades to the study and practice of Eastern & Western counselling disciplines.

Mary Ann was one of the co-founders of the current incarnation of The Livingbridge and remains a strong support in its work. She brings to The Livingbridge an extensive background in counselling and teaching in both the holistic and social service sector.

Mary Ann’s diverse counselling experience extends beyond many barriers to include: leading meditation groups to clients with mental illness; counselling young adults with addictions and criminal behaviour; leading women’s support groups to teaching stress management workshops to government agency staff.

As a compassionate visionary, Mary Ann has spearheaded world peace meditation and study groups and launched many successful personal growth programs throughout the GTA and York Region. She has been a featured guest in radio and television.

You can find out more about her at

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