Professional Development for Psychotherapists

Karin Watling

Karin’s approach to psychotherapy is personal growth through transparent, traditional and psychospiritual techniques. Creating therapeutic relationships, supporting patients and families during emotional turmoil, critical illnesses and times of crisis in the capacity of Registered Nurse has served as the forerunner as well as the catalyst in Karin’s current vocation.
A diverse and accomplished 22 year career spans mainstream business experiences, allopathic healthcare, alternative healing modalities, and spiritual psychotherapy.

During her 16 year career as a Registered Nurse, Karin worked in:

  • Critical Neonatal settings
  • Emergency Departments
  • Mentoring students of various disciplines
  • Participating in hospital committee groups
  • Chairing a nursing practice council for 2 years
  • Creating and facilitating 2 Emergency Conferences
  • Instructing in a College setting, nursing skills and advanced nursing certificate courses in emergency nursing
  • Actively organizing and participating in 3 Teddy Bear Hospitals
  • Completing a 450 hour Fellowship through the Registered Nursing Association of Ontario regarding ‘Establishing Therapeutic Relationships’ and furthering Nurses knowledge and tools of Reflective Practices

Karin is dedicated not only to her own personal growth but that of her peers of both past and present professions; through reflection on their professional experiences, practices, and overlapping personal contexts.

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