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In Memoriam

Just nine months ago both these wonderful people were sitting in my living room together with other dear friends, sharing in stories and laughter on my birthday. Now they are both gone — no question, keeping whoever is in charge of order on the other side quite busy. I feel blessed to have had both of them in my life for a while. I know I am a better person for having known them — and the world is a better place for having had them in it. I know they are still around, watching over us from that higher perspective now. Thanks for having been you, my friends; and good bye. Keep an eye on us over here. I think we may need the guidance at times,

Sabine                                                                                                                                                                                                      October 1, 2012


Chris 2

Chris Johnson

On July 19th, 2012 my dear friend and long-time colleague, Chris Johnson, died after a year-long journey with cancer. He taught all those of us who shared this last stretch of his path with him how to be accepting, serene, and human in the face of whatever life throws at us. Although I know that he is still around in spirit and that, true to form, he is probably having a grand old time experiencing the timelessness of the spiritual realms, I miss him dearly. Here are some thoughts and memories of this bright, light, funny, and oh so human soul.

I’ve known Chris for years — not sure how many, though, because once we met it felt like I had known him forever. I remember that my first reaction to the suggestion that I’d work with him in intensives was “He’s too young.” I was floored when I found out he was three years older than I. I’ve had confirmation from him that it is true but I still don’t really believe it.

That’s most likely because at heart he was much younger than his human age, and much older at the same time. That, really, is what made him so special to me and to many others. Somehow Chris managed to have both, a deeply spiritual and doubtlessly old soul and an extremely young and at times actually slightly irritating Inner Child.

He loved life, people, and things happening. He had a curiousity that was amazing and a way to see the beautiful in everything around him. He had taste, too, good taste and there were several occasions were he offered fashion or decorating advice or made comments about hairstyles and make-up. Always supportive, though, always nice.

His curiousity went to things far beyond the visible world. It may have been what made it easier to face his dying days. He was looking forward to finding out if what we learn and believe over here is actually the reality over there. He was excited about having another go at being human at some point soon and he was quite clear that he intended to come back soon, too.

I miss him a lot, his fun energy, his ability to be serious and supportive when needed, his humanity, his spirituality, his soulfulness.


Maria Jankovic
Maria was one of those ageless and timeless people we hear about: she was young at heart (and she had a big heart); she had her own style (and nobody could pull off BIG stone jewellery like Maria); and she had a smile, an open hear, and good advice for everyone who stepped through her office door. Maria was the soul of TAC, the College where I studied, worked, learned, and grew over the first 12 years of my career; and she was a friend.

On Thursday, September 6th, Maria died very surprisingly and very quickly. She had been fighting cancer — and for all most of us knew, she was winning the fight. And so the news of her death came as a surprise and a shock. She will be missed, her laughter, her optimism, and her always encouraging words.

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