Professional Development for Psychotherapists

Judy Onorato

Judy’s  unique approach helps to enrich the mind, expand perspective and open up new opportunities. Fresh insight and experience provides clarity and increase feelings of happiness and empowerment. Stress, criticism and doubt transform in the process. Her teaching inspires feelings of confidence with expanded awareness and deeper appreciation for oneself, one’s life and one’s ability to create.

Her open, practical, responsible and spiritual approach supports steady innovation, growth and development personally and professionally.  Judy connects the gap between desire, potential and possibility with where we are right now.

Since 1999 Judy has used Numerology, Astrology and Feng Shui as tools and resources to affirm intuition, expand conscious awareness and gain better understaning of self, other and the life we lead. She is extremely resourceful and full of ideas and inspiration.  She loves sharing, teaching and providing guidance with what has proven useful and effective in creating a happier, better life and building an aligned business.  She brings 30+ years of Sales, Mangement and Service in retail and hospitality including start-up operations. She has a eye for oth the vision and the small details to support it.

A natural researcher and life long student she also has a vast knowledge in the areas of nature, metaphysics, food, holistic health, marketing, inspirational leadership and the Divine feminine creative way of business.

She lives and primarily practises in Bolton, ON.  Speaking and teaching classes in surrounding areas.

You can find out more about Judy and her work at or


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