Professional Development for Psychotherapists

Creative Expressions — Simple and Effective Experiential Tools for Therapy


One of the main goals of humanistic therapy is to help clients get in touch with their emotions and find ways to express them. But sometimes that is much easier said than done. Many clients never got practice in listening to and expressing their own emotions. They may have been discouraged to listen to the bodily cues that could inform them about their feelings, or they may simply have no language to express what is going on inside.

There are many, many ways to help clients get in touch with their feelings from well-known tools such as Gendlin’s Focusing technique to more recent techniques such as body-psychotherapy. However, this course will only touch on those techniques as starting points for its true topic: expression of those feelings!

Emotions and feelings are often very subtle and equally often almost pre-verbal, meaning they are so primal, developed so early, that clients will literally be at a loss for words to describe them. During this 7-hour course we will explore in depth through experiential exercises several easy tools to help a client express his or her inner world outside of the usual use of words.

Tools touched upon include…

… colour and form
… floor-work
… movement and body language
… metaphor and story

Some movement is included; please wear movement-appropriate clothing (e.g., comfortable pants and sweater). No prior experience necessary. All levels of artistic and physical ability will be included.

7 professional development hours

Not currently scheduled
10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Where: 171 Main St, Unit 7c
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 3Y9

Cost: $155.00 (incl. HST)
Materials and handouts are included included

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“Great, practical, creative tolls. Very useful and easy tools. Exercises very helpful to ground the tools. Thank you.”
Carla Bertolin, Kleinburg”Thanks for the breakthrough. Very powerful insight & great new tools to use for myself and clients.”
Maria Rosa Corno, Richmond Hill